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The nomadic Tuaregs or ‘Blue Men’, are the so-called kings of the haunting Sahara desert. These fiercely proud tribal people have been the unabashed leaders of metalsmithing for thousands of years across much of West and Central Africa. We are constantly inspired by the simple yet stunning sterling silver and brass element-inspired jewelry of these fine warrior people. We also love that the Tuaregs respect the role of the woman in their rich culture and traditions. In fact, the female symbol is very much revered in Tuareg history. Our unique indigenous collection is custom-made by master Tuareg craftsmen and is perfect for everyday wear or that special evening out on the town.

The Moroccan Berbers or the ‘Amazigh’ people, historically nomadic traders across the Magreb region, are an incredible force in their own right. The Berber’s claim to fame is that these triumphant people have never been conquered, dating back several thousand years, adding to their powerful allure and enigmatic mystery. The Berbers, who mostly live now in the high Atlas region of rural southern Morocco, have miraculously retained their own distinctive language to this day. Striking artists themselves, the Berbers hand-create gorgeous quality silver, rich in symbolism and tradition. Our Mushmina team is inspired by the fierce, warm Berber spirit and their exquisite silver metals.  We work carefully with master Berber artisans in southern Morocco to bring you the best of their beautiful jewelry.