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Boujadi Mauve Chenille Carpet

Try this beautiful mauve hue in our favorite hand-loomed carpets, handmade in Boujad, Morocco.

This rug was made by our longtime friend and master weaver, Halima. Handloomed on a rustic wood loom, Halima weaves in her kitchen so she can multi-task weaving, cooking, and taking care of her three children. She learned the craft of weaving from her mother, who learned from her mother. We have known Halima's family for over 10 years, since Heather was a Peace Corps volunteer in Boujad.

Each carpet is one-of-a-kind and incorporates traditional symbols and patterns from nature, like diamonds to ward off the evil eye, camels, butterflies, and Berber symbols.

Dimensions: Slight variations occur, but this collection runs approx 3' x 5'