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Etched Brass Rings

These luxurious wide bands, splendidly hand-designed by master artisans in southern Morocco, are available in stunning silver or brass. The etched rings are beautifully detailed with symbolic patterns inspired by the famously nomadic ‘Blue Men’, or Tuaregs of the intriguing Sahara Desert. The Tuaregs are masters of earthy metalwork and have been using elements of nature in their artistry for thousands of years. These bold rings have intricate etchings; illustrating fine patterns of balance, wisdom, protection, abundance, and blessings. They also embody the four navigational directions, essential in the Tuareg’s balance with life in the rugged desert. This remarkable collection focuses on sophisticated floral designs and is a lovely modern twist on an ancient jewelry-making skill. Wear this sublime band and feel its fierce strength.

  • 3/4" width, assorted sizes
  • Available in silver and brass
  • Handmade by artisans in Morocco
  • Please note which ring you are interested in when ordering

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