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Sahara Cuff

Our stunning Mushmina statement cuff is delicately solid and perfectly unique. A striking combination of silver, brass and exquisitely inlaid ebony, you will not find another piece like this anywhere but here, thanks to our ingenious Creative Designer, Katie O’Neil and our faithful, skilled ‘Malum’ or master metalsmith, Ahmed. Ahmed has been working with Mushmina for almost ten years and his talent is unmatchable. This stunning bracelet, intricately etched with Moroccan Berber inspired symbols, is an original modern twist on a beautiful, classic piece. Wear this fabulous bracelet and feel like a queen. 

  • Diameter 2.5", 6/16" Wide, adjustable
  • Brass & silver with inlaid ebony, patterns vary as each piece is unique
  • Handmade by artisans Morocco

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