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Tajul Embroidered Bag

Fab Mushmina summers continue to burst with spirit and feminine strength! Our intrepid team is always coming up with new, innovative ideas with Katie, our incredible Creative Director, at the realm. 'Tajul', meaning 'wander' in Arabic, is an homage to our nomadic vision. This cute, yet sophisticated piece is perfectly versatile-it can be worn as a playful travel bag or easily thrown over the shoulder for a casual lunch with pals. It even works as a durable passport carrier! Sturdy cotton with gorgeous braided leather strap and pom pom detailing are the imaginative finishing touch. The custom Tajul Bag is hand-embroidered and sewn by Kenza, Habiba and our team of seamstresses in Oued Zem, Central Morocco and is conveniently available in three striking colors, mandarin, navy and seafoam.

  • Handmade in Morocco 
  • Cotton with braided leather strap

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