Stop weaving and the pattern improves ~Rumi

Mushmina designs our custom textiles and also sources from the souks of Morocco because we love all things colorful and all things related to Moroccan textiles. You will often find hand-stitched details on our pillows and rugs. These pieces are #madebywomen and create work for women weavers in rural Morocco. 

A bit about our handwoven collections: The rural town of Boujad, Central Morocco has long been a mecca for gorgeous, brightly colored hand-woven rugs. Historically made by women, these original rugs are created in their tiny, modest kitchens on traditional, rustic wooden looms. The weavers are then able to continue their many household tasks in this Moroccan region surrounded by fields of pastoral scenes. These one-of-a-kind, custom rugs are beautifully patterned with symbols unique to the Boujadi province.

Mushmina supports female weavers by paying these talented craftswomen 50-100% more than the local souk. Buying one of these special pieces for your home ensures the essential support of the weavers and their families. It also helps the community and economy of Boujad, as well as protecting the valuable art of weaving in Morocco.