~Spring in Morocco~

Care + Sizing Guide

How to care for your handmade Mushmina accessories:

Handbags and Textiles: Our upholstery fabrics are treated with a stain resistant finish. Spot clean when necessary or professionally clean.

Leather: Professional leather cleaner, sunflower oil or olive oil can be used to treat our leather bags. Note: Oil will darken the color of the leather.

Garments: Rayon tops, kimonos, and tunics: Handwash in cold water and line dry or dry clean. 

For garments with handmade silk stitching we recommend hand wash cold and line dry or dry clean

Do NOT wash or dry Mushmina garments with heat to avoid shrinkage or damage to the handmade detailing.


Metals will patina which adds to their natural beauty. If you prefer a higher polish, use a silver or brass polish to bring out the shine. For our damascus bangles collection use sunflower oil to polish the silver. 

Rugs: Good news, our Boujadi chenille rugs can be thrown in the washer. Cold wash and line dry.

Wool rugs specialty clean or if you are ambitious you can do this at home. Soapy bath with a scrub brush and flat dry.