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Stay tuned for our 2021 pop ups and events.
Katie's Herbalism and Wellness Workshops 
in collaboration with the Mad Lavender Farm in Milford, NJ.
Katie's 2021 schedule is coming soon.

Oxymels are and Herbal Extract of Vinegar & Honey. We prepare an Herb Bar for each participant to make their own Oxymel to suite their health needs. We discuss the different energetic and medicinal properties of a variety of herbs to understand them better. It is a great learning experience to know how to identify what each herb can provide and how to make your own plant medicine. 
Flower Essences can be used to heal the emotional body- which we can all use assistance with right now! Katie brings her own essences and participants will have the opportunity to tune into one flower during our meditation, learn about the properties of several flowers and then create their own blend to take daily or as needed.
Astrological Tea Blends are a fun way to create teas in connection to Astrology. It is a way to consider the correlation of plants and people to the planets while discussing how astrology relates to our individual body constitutions... you can also just create a tea blend that feels good to you from the Herb Bar Katie provides. 
All workshops include a grounding 'Meditation in Nature' as well as a 'Plant Medicine Making' activity. 
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