~Happy International Women's Day, March 8th~

Moon Bangles

Our custom Mushmina Moon Bangles are mindfully Berber-inspired. Historically, each one would help keep track of the day of the week for women, switching one bangle to the other wrist each day in a beautiful set of seven. Earthy stars, olive trees and other rustic symbols adorn them in delicate designs. These striking bangles look fabulous in a perfect stack and are lightly delicate in feel. Grab them in silver AND brass and you have the quintessential trendy mixed metal look! Each sold separately. Please specify if there is a particular pattern you would like to request (when available).

  • Dimensions: 1/4" in width
  • Bangle Diameter: Silver (6 cm and 6.2 cm), Brass (6.3 cm)
  • Available in silver and brass
  • Handmade in Morocco

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