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Tulsi Holy Basil Elixir & Glycerite

Tulsi Holy Basil is considered an 'Elixir of Life'. It is a sacred plant that embodies the Goddess Luxmi of prosperity and love and is thought to promote longevity. Tulsi has long been used for an array of medical issues like inflammation, indigestion, headaches, stomach aches and heart disease. Its adaptogenic properties work to balance cortisol levels by repairing the effects of prolonged stress while building the body's resistance to stress and stress related diseases. The oil in its leaves are said to help lower blood sugar and promote healing of wounds and organs. Tulsi provides support for head related issues like headaches, memory, brain fog, actual head trauma and fatigue. Its nourishment can help to boost physical stamina and the immune system for overall vitality.

The Tulsi Holy Basil Elixir is deliciously macerated in Brandy and honey. The Non-Alcoholic version is available in glycerin which is a vegetable based preservative which is naturally very sweet with a high glycemic index and has a shelf life of about 1 year. *Please specify a paper label or a copper stamped tag.

All plant medicine is slow medicine. Our bodies need time to adjust to the full benefits of the herbs. For best results take 20-40 drops (about 2 droppers full) 2-4x daily for 2+ weeks or enjoy as your heart desires. They are 2 oz bottles.
*These herbal remedies are not intended to cure or prevent any serious illness, injury or disease. They are not approved by the FDA. Please advise a health professional about taking any herbs if you are pregnant.

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