Stop weaving and the pattern improves ~Rumi


What does 'Mushmina' mean?

It's a made up nickname meaning, 'little sister.'

When was Mushmina founded?
Mushmina was founded in 2009. Since the very beginning we have worked with hundreds of cottage industry artisans across many regions of Morocco. Employment and empowerment has always been our core mission. 

Where can I shop Mushmina?
You can shop Mushmina on online @
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Press Inquiries:
Press inquiries please email

Can I use images off the Mushmina website for product promotion or press purposes?
Please contact us via email if there are images on our website you are interested in displaying in order to represent our brand within your business. We'd be happy to share artisan or company photos when appropriate. Online retailers are responsible for their own hi-res photos of merchandise purchased from us for their site. We believe the individual choice of product styling is what makes each online shop unique.

Careers: Is Mushmina hiring?
Perhaps! Please email a cover letter and resume to