About Us

Mushmina is a Moroccan lifestyle brand. We custom design and produce our line of handmade clothing and accessories in collaboration with women and artisans in Morocco. 

We are committed to economic empowerment. More than 80% of the skilled artisans Mushmina collaborates with are women; we partner with artisans and cooperatives to support cottage industry production and traditional craft throughout Morocco.

Through our efforts we hope we contribute to 'designing change;'  paving a way for a positive, sustainable future.


Heather O’Neill
Founder + Social Impact Entrepreneur, Morocco
Heather is a designer, social entrepreneur and mom of 2 spunky children. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts and a Masters Degree in Global Affairs and International Business from New York University. She started her career working as a materials and design specialist for Material ConneXion in NYC and then served as a volunteer small business adviser with the United States Peace Corps in Morocco. She lived in a rural region of Morocco and helped women diversify their line of products for the export market. Since her experience in the Peace Corps, it was her dream to start a company to employ and empower women. In 2009 Mushmina was born and Heather has been at its' helm ever since.
Heather is also a consultant in sustainable development and women's empowerment. She is the local coordinator for the Beyond Sustainability Movement in collaboration with Sana Jardin 'Scent with Intent' of London. She is also a trainer with CARE MAROC assisting in the 'Women and the Environment' a project empowering rural women in the El Haouz region outside of Marrakech. She is fluent in Arabic and lives between Casablanca and rural Morocco with her husband, son Youssef, and daughter Hiba, whose name means 'gift' in Arabic. She loves the countryside, wildflowers, and vast open spaces. Read more about Heather on the Mushmina blog here.

Katie O’Neill
Co-founder, Visionary.

Katie O’Neill, co-founder and original creative director for Mushmina, has a BFA in Crafts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she focused on metal and fiber arts. Katie has a strong interest in anthropology and feels a connection to global artisanal craft and hand techniques. She believes that there is energy inherent in products that are handmade and an importance in employing communities that continue to tell stories through ancient handcrafted traditions. An educational trip to Mali and Morocco in 2004 propelled her to want to create a business in support of cottage industry artisans in remote rural towns and bring awareness to the global public of their rich heritage and crafts.

In recent years, Katie has been expanding her offerings by pursuing interests in Herbalism, Flower Essence, Floristry and Medical Astrology. She feels the right tools and wellness practices are what is most needed for our evolution into this new paradigm. As a space holder and facilitator of Women’s Circles she hopes to empower women to reconnect in community and to our individual divine nature as creators. By being close to nature she believes we have the ability to strengthen our own intuitions. Katie’s love of exploration assists in her creative process to capture an ancestral nostalgia and spiritual essence in her work and designs. Katie calls Pennsylvania her home and discovery playground along the beautiful Delaware River Valley. She is currently working on her medicinal garden and healing arts as an offering in the world. Read more about Katie on the Mushmina blog.

Tara Fraiture
Mushmina Blogger & Director of Social Engagement, Sales Ambassador ...among other things.

Tara, an American-British national, is perhaps not your typical ho-hum writer. She has a passion for food (especially if someone else is cooking and cleaning up) and is even more fervent when it comes to guacamole, her favorite pastime. Yes, it can be a pastime. As a mother of three young girls (ages 8, 11, and 13), this is, however, wishful thinking. Throw in a blasé orange cat, plus one husband and this is even more delusional dreaming. As you may be able to see, Tara uses humor in her words. Her go-to mantra is, ‘Writing is cheaper than therapy.” Combining humor with a touch of poignancy is what drew Tara to writing in the first place. After all, she believes if one can laugh, one can survive. Tara and her intrepid family have lived all over the globe from Egypt, Senegal, El Salvador, Qatar, Morocco and Jordan. She and her husband met as Peace Corps Volunteers in rural Cameroon, Central Africa. Tara leans towards writing about women, particularly stories of empowering those who might not typically be able to tell their tale. She finds inspiration in real stories of real people. In her free time, Tara can be found dancing with her girls, telling bad jokes (the cat thinks she’s funny) and having a Belgian beer with her husband. She is honored to be a part of the Mushmina Team.

Read a story about Tara's experience in the Peace Corps here.