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Our Story


Mushmina is a vibrant, global shopping experience. Home to our custom designed brand of handmade Moroccan accessories with cultural integrity and soul. 
Mushmina was founded by two sisters and their love of travel and passion to promote the stories of global artisans. Our mission is to create beautiful, inspired products that have cultural integrity and soul. We collaborate with over 150 artisans in Morocco to bring you our collection of plush fabric and leather handbags, hand-hammered mixed metal jewelry, hand-dyed scarves, handloomed rugs, and our new clothing collection. We are committed to the preservation of traditional craft and the employment of artisans globally. We are also committed to the empowerment of women. More then 80% of the artisans that work with Mushmina are women.     
Join us on this adventure... think blue water Mediterranean rooftops, trekking the High Atlas Mountains, lunch with the Tuaregs of the Sahara, feasting on couscous and dates, and a warm welcome from generous and talented people....

Heather and Katie ONeill

Heather and Katie in Boujad, Morocco. The town where Heather served as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Mushmina Handmade Bags

Working on new bag samples with custom woven kilim carpets from Boujad.

Mushmina's Flying Camel Workshop

The Flying Camel Women's team in Oued Zem, Morocco.

Mushmina Singer

Silk and materials sourcing in the community.

Mushmina Door Inspiration Morocco

Meeting with a master weaver, Ridouan to work out new woven scarf samples.

Mushmina Color and ThreadMushmina sisters fabric shopping in Casablanca

Fabric and materials shopping, Casablanca.

Abderrahim our fabric dealerMushmina mallum

 Mohammed, Rachid and the team of leatherworkers in Marrakech. Most artisans work in family businesses and have learned their craft from their elders.


Mint tea in Morocco 

Tea with Halima's family in Boujad.

Halima and Family

Moroccan Ironwork

Neighbors Khadija and Kenza, seamstresses and embroiders. Oued Zem.

Heidi Roland and the Mushmina sisters

Photographing Morocco and with Heidi Roland

Kenza and her daughter


Katie in Marrakech 

Katie on the hunt for unique vintage pieces. 

At the Mushmina Workshop

 Sisters and the ladies at the workshop.

ONeill sisters


Zhara and Youseff at the Flying Camel Women's Workshop

Zahara and Youseff, seamstress and mother

Embroiderers at work in Morocco
   Habiba embroidering 'hope'
Mushmina Hope
Boujad Morocco
Moroccan Doors
Doors and people of Boujad.
Heather and Fatima Zahara in Boujad
Katie at Dar Khalifa, Casablanca.
Katie in Casablanca
women of all ages

Katie goes to India!


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