Stop weaving and the pattern improves ~Rumi


We are passionately committed to employing and empowering extraordinary artisans in Morocco and beyond into our mindful global vision. We currently collaborate with more than 150 expert artisans in five different regions of Morocco; many of which are difficult to access due to their rural settings. Countless numbers of these female artisans work faithfully from home as part of Morocco's successful 'cottage industry'. This phenomenon allows mothers and wives to work on new collections on their own time; often in between household duties and raising children. Many other female artisans are part of Morocco's unique network of craft cooperatives. While we primarily employ women, we also collaborate with amazing male 'mallums'.

We pay a fair wage for our work, often determined by the artisans themselves and oftentimes 50-100% higher then the market price. We also put up to 10% of our profits back into development projects related to women's empowerment and improving the rural economy in Morocco. 

We measure impact in many ways. We encourage artisans to open bank accounts, we have women on our team who were able to save, to buy land, to send their children to private schools, and to provide for their families. We have also seen our artisans scale from working at home to running fully functioning workshops with employees. 

Learn more about our artisan team here. Also visit the Mushmina Blog for artisan stories and tales from beautiful and diverse Morocco.