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The Mushmina Team



Katie O’Neill, Co-founder and Creative Director  
Katie O’Neill, co-founder and creative director, has a BFA in Crafts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She started her career as a visual merchandiser for H&M and Ibiza Boutique in New York City. Katie has a strong interest in anthropology and designs fashion and accessories inspired by ancient techniques. She has a love of travel and uses her sense of humor to interpret nostalgia, culture and spiritual essence in her work. After returning from a trip to Mali and Morocco, Katie decided she wanted to start a fashion brand with integrity creating a "feel good" emotional reaction for the wearer. Katie feels a connection to global artisanal craft and believes that there is energy inherent in products that are handmade. With 18 years of experience in the retail industry, Katie serves as Mushmina's creative and retail visionary. Katie calls West Philadelphia home but is envisioning a home in the south of Spain in her near future.

Heather O’Neill, Co-founder and CEO 
Heather is a designer and social entrepreneur. She has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and a Masters Degree in Global Affairs and International Business from New York University. She started her career working as a materials and design specialist for Material ConneXion in NYC and then served as a volunteer small business adviser with the United States Peace Corps in Morocco. She lived in a rural region of Morocco and helped women diversify their line of products for the export market. Since her experience in the Peace Corps, it was her dream to start a company to employ women both in the US and in Morocco. Heather is fluent in Arabic and lives in a rural region outside of Casablanca with her husband, son Youssef, and daughter Hiba, whose name means 'gift' in Arabic. In their free time they enjoy country drives, beach picnics, and spending time in nature.
Mushmina's Team of Artisans in Morocco
We are committed to employing and empowering global artisans. We currently collaborate with more then 125 artisans in 5 different regions of Morocco. Many of the artisans work at home individually as part of Morocco's cottage industry, allowing them to work on new collections on their own time and often in between household duties and raising children. Many others are part of Morocco's network of artisan cooperatives. While we primarily employ women, we also collaborate with amazing male 'mallums' mastercraftsmen....metalsmiths who produce our Mushmina custom jewelry, weavers who work on our custom woven cotton scarves, and our team of skilled leatherworkers who do our finishing work. 
In 2013 Mushmina opened the Flying Camel Women's Workshop and training center. The goal of the center is to provide women with training in sewing, embroidery, and pattern-making. After a 2 year pilot program funded by Mushmina, the women are now working on ideas to make the center sustainable with the help of partnerships in their community.