~ In summer, the song sings itself ~

Bloodroot Flower Essence

Bloodroot ~ Sanguinaria Canadensis
Bloodroot Flower Essence supports a reconciliation within our blood-roots, our lineage lines. Her white petals bloom around Easter, rising from the muck and leaves decayed from seasons past, like a lotus from the earth announcing Spring with its resurrection. Its singular flower a symbol of purity, a beacon of hope, held by its lung shaped leaves of protection. Bloodroot has been used in folk medicine though it can be considered poisonous (not in a homeopathic essence) reminding us that we are a symbiosis of light and shadow. Its root is a deep red just below the surface and can be used as a natural dye.

I sat with this flower essence in its habitat among the leaf compost along the Lenape Sipu (Delaware River) in Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. She presented herself to me over Easter in the quiet Spring of Covid. I saw within her essence a pure red river, an illuminating white light, solace in the healing of familial roots. An opportunity to rise again after the internal work done deep below the blanket of the winter months. In these trying times I see its essence supporting the mending of intergenerational trauma, a path to the purity and connection within our root origins.

Flower Essences are homeopathic remedies for mind-body health and soul development. Their vibrational nature works on an energetic level to bring harmony + healing to the emotional body. They are safe for every adult, child, animal and woman while pregnant. Feel free to email me for a personalized Flower Essence consult. I use Brandy as preservative (less than 20%). 1 oz bottles and glycerites (vegetable preservative/non alcoholic) can be made upon request.

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