~ In summer, the song sings itself ~

Gorse Flower Essence ~ Hope

Gorse Flower Essence assists in restoring Hope and Optimism~ for a harmonious outlook on life’s situations, even in a time of despair. First created in the 1940’s by Dr Edward Bach, Gorse references faith and confidence in overcoming difficulties as “Gorse teaches the soul to learn to live in equilibrium between the polarities of light and dark.” The research of the Flower Essence Society suggests that through Gorse’s vibration, “the soul learns to use light as an alchemical agent for change and healing, directing a powerful, illuminating beacon even in the most trying moments and bleakest situations." Its radiant yellow-orange pea shaped flowers blossom in the middle of winter across Ireland as a reminder that it is always darkest before the dawn and the light always returns after the dark.

I created this Gorse Flower Essence in County Cork, Ireland over Samhain season, the gateway into the dark. Its sharp evergreen thistle-like leaves serve as a strong boundary along the often harsh and hilly landscape. It is a mountainous and bog land shrub that finds its place among the ancient stone circles. Its flowers shaped like vulvas, open and close to one another to pollinate themselves when they blossom at a time of scarce pollinating insects. Its common name, Whin, is associated with the 17th letter of the ancient Celtic alphabet called the Ogham. Whin is associated with the Cailleach, or goddess of the Winter in the Old Celtic tradition. Gorse can be an aid in the slow decent of the yang summer season into the yin darker winter months~ reminding us that the dark fallow season is imperative for new seeds to grow with the return of the light... in the same way that death can be imperative for rebirth.

Flower Essences are homeopathic remedies for mind-body health and soul development. Their vibrational nature works on an energetic level to bring harmony + healing to the emotional body. They are safe for every adult, child, animal and women while pregnant. Jameson is used as a preservative for all Ireland essences (less than 20%) as it is made on the land of Eire and whiskey is one of Bridgid's healing remedies OR in Glycerin, a non-alcoholic vegetable preservative. Made in .5 oz bottles.

Suggested use: Take 4 drops by mouth or in water 4 times daily as desired until the healing you seek is satisfied. Flower Essences can also be experienced in a soothing bath or added to a healing mist.

My drawings are a way for me to deepen into the medicine of the flowers~ paying close attention to their doctrine of signatures and intricate idiosyncrasies as I follow their edges with my eyes, heart and hands.

*not evaluated or approved by the FDA nor intended to cure, prevent or treat any serious illness or disease.

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