~ In summer, the song sings itself ~

Love-Lies-Bleeding Flower Essence ~ Alchemize Adversity

Love-Lies Bleeding, amaranthus caudatus ~ Alchemize Adversity. This grand draping flower can help us to transmute our pain, suffering and mental anguish into a compassionate acceptance. Its gentle soothing nature can create a lightness after the release and surrender of life's heavy challenges.

Flower Essences are homeopathic remedies for mind-body health and soul development. Their vibrational nature works on an energetic level to bring harmony + healing to the emotional body. They are safe for every adult, child, animal and women while pregnant. Brandy (less than 25%) is used as a preservative or vegetable glycerin (non-alcoholic)

Suggested use: Take 4 drops by mouth or in water 4 times daily as desired until the healing you seek is satisfied. Flower Essences can also be experienced in a soothing bath or added to a healing mist.

*not evaluated or approved by the FDA nor intended to cure, prevent or treat any serious illness or disease.

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