~ In summer, the song sings itself ~

Hazel Flower Essence ~ Freedom Forward in Flow

The Hazel is considered the 'Tree of Knowledge' and one of the most important trees in Irish mythology and folklore. This Hazel Essence was created at a sacred well in Ireland that was surrounded by a Hazel grove (story of the salmon). I worked with the bark and catkins of the tree during the turning of Imbolc. The sun appeared just before dusk to kiss this essence just as we exited the grove.

Hazel (Corylus avellana) offers Freedom - encouragement to be free to ‘go with the flow’ and travel forward in wonder of your new unfolding potential. Transform expectations into explorations (Findhorn) and perhaps carry the Hazel's wisdom and inspiration along your way.

Flower Essences are homeopathic remedies for mind-body health and soul development. Their vibrational nature works on an energetic level to bring harmony + healing to the emotional body. They are safe for every adult, child, animal and women while pregnant. Jameson is used as a preservative for all Ireland essences (less than 20%) as it is made on the land of Eire and whiskey is one of Bridgid's healing remedies OR in Glycerin, a non-alcoholic vegetable preservative. Made in .5 oz bottles.

Suggested use: Take 4 drops by mouth or in water 4 times daily as desired until the healing you seek is satisfied. Flower Essences can also be experienced in a soothing bath or added to a healing mist.

*not evaluated or approved by the FDA nor intended to cure, prevent or treat any serious illness or disease.

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