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Aura Armor Yarrow Flower Essence

Aura Armor is a blend of 3 Yarrow Flower Essences~ white, pink and yellow Yarrow intended to provide protection of our auric fields. This blend is especially helpful for those in the service industry, healing arts or in education to be able to show up fully in their position without becoming depleted by others or by external environmental or technological toxicity. It is a great ally for the empathic person who is highly sensitive to the energies of others and their environment.

White Yarrow ~ provides protection from environmental toxins which includes toxic substances, technological radiation as well as frenetic social collective energy.
Pink Yarrow ~ is helpful for the empath who has a hard time deciphering their own emotions and energies from others around them.
Golden Yarrow ~ for the artist, healer, service worker who is often giving to others. Golden Yarrow helps to maintain healthy boundaries in order to give, offer and create without becoming depleted.

Flower Essences are homeopathic remedies for mind-body health and soul development. Their vibrational nature works on an energetic level to bring harmony + healing to the emotional body. They are safe for every adult, child, animal and women while pregnant. Brandy (less than 25%) is used as a preservative or vegetable glycerin (non-alcoholic)

Suggested use: Take 4 drops by mouth or in water 4 times daily as desired until the healing you seek is satisfied. Flower Essences can also be experienced in a soothing bath or added to a healing mist.

*not evaluated or approved by the FDA nor intended to cure, prevent or treat any serious illness or disease.

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